Nioh 2 Update: New Customization, Yokai, Dark Realm, And More

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Nioh 2 features

Nioh has always been one of the most rewarding, yet difficult games out there because a lot of it was inspired by FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series. Thanks to that, the game has become very popular over the years, and with Nioh 2, Team Ninja plan on going even further beyond with more customization, more complexity and more options than ever before. As such, the hype for this game is through the roof already and we can’t wait for it come out. In this post, we’ll be discussing what we know about it already, so let’s get started!

Nioh 2 update

Nioh 2 – What We Know So Far

The most important thing that this game has is, without a doubt, a cute little cat that rolls around and we can pet. Game of the year already? I think so. Moving on to the lesser important stuff, Nioh 2 lets you create a custom character. The first installment in the series didn’t have that option. This around, your character is customizable and you can choose from a number of appearances.

The new game is also going to focus a lot on the Yokai. They will fight against, and alongside us in battle. Any game that focuses well on these mythical creatures is a must-buy for me, personally. If Nioh 2 does this right, it could be huge. Defeating a Yokai gives access to a Soul Core, which is an item that can be used in battle.

Also new to the game is the Dark Realm. Here, extra powerful enemies await you, and yes, the rewards will be just as good! The difficulty for the game won’t change though. As you might already be aware, Nioh was very difficult to beat, and Nioh 2 won’t be any easier. There won’t an easy mode for anyone. So, better get to practicing, guys!

Nioh 2 will be out for PlayStation 4 in early 2020. A public beta for the game is set to come out in November.

Are you guys excited about the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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