Superstore Season 5 Episode 3: “Forced Hire”, Preview And Watch Online


Directed by Victor Nelli, Jr. and written by Colton Dunn, tonight’s episode of Superstore is sure to enthrall audiences. The episode is about Amy hiring Dina’s nemesis Colleen. Meanwhile, Dina blackmails Garrett into making Colleen’s life a living hell. In order to unionize the warehouse guys, Jonah is forced to befriend Marcus. Two more episodes of Superstore remain so far, the 4th one being “Mall Closing” that airs on 17 October 2019, and the 5th one being “Self Care”, that airs on 24 October 2019.

Here are a few specifics about tonight’s episode:
Show: Superstore
Airdate: 10 October 2019
Previous episode: Testimonials
Next episode: Mall Closing ok
Genre: Comedy
Networks: NBC

You can catch the episode online on NBC by clicking on the following link:

Another website where you may catch the episode is by clicking on the following link:

Superstore tells the tale of a quirky family of employees at the megastore Cloud 9, who tackle the day-to-day grind together. Headed by the stalwart employee Amy, the store crew somehow tries to hold it all together, amidst the best efforts of her clueless manager Glenn and his iron-fisted assistant Dina. There’s of course, the idealist Jonah, sardonic Garrett, ambitious Mateo, and sweet Cheyenne that we know of. The store keeps hiring newbies and has seen-it-all; veterans to seasonal hires and in-it-for-life managers. All of them are hardworkers, trying to make it through another day.

SUPERSTORE — “Forced Hire” Episode 503 — Pictured: (l-r) Colton Dunn as Garrett, Ben Feldman as Jonah, Kaliko Kauahu as Sandra, Nico Santos as Mateo, Nichole Bloom as Cheyenne, Mark McKinney as Glenn, Lauren Ash as Dina, America Ferrera as Amy — (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC)

For “Forced Hire”, there is going to be a guest cast for the episode and it is Heidi Gardner. The episode is out tonight on Thursday, October 17, at 8:00 PM.

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