Harpoon Gun Has Been Added To Fortnite Chapter 2

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Harpoon Gun Fortnite
Harpoon Gun (Credits: Fortnite)

Fortnite Chapter 2 has introduced many new things to the fans, which include a new map, swimming, fishing, motorboats, etc. Moreover, they even changed the leveling up system, which gives you exp for everything you do in the game and new challenges, which are very good. There was recently anfor the game, which added a new thing that might even be called a weapon.

This new weapon’s name is Harpoon, which has been added to Fortnite as of the latest patch, and players have had access to it since Tuesday morning. This is a multi-purpose weapon that can be used to grab fish or loot from a distance. If you are waiting for the fish to snag your line with the rod, you can fire the harpoon off and snag sealife right away. This will make it easier to get those healing Slurpfish.

Harpoon Gun
Harpoon Gun (Credits: Fortnite)

Apparently, this harpoon can also be used to kill other players, and it is quite good at it. It does 75 damage when it hits the enemy, and it also pulls them towards you. But beware, you might want to equip your shotgun immediately because the enemy will fire upon you with one when you’re in their range. One never needs to worry if they have a duo partner or a squad with you as they will rain down hell upon the enemy that you caught with your harpoon.

The player base will very soon learn how to use this in combat effectiveness, and there we will get to know how good it is. There aren’t any patch notes for Epic on this and this was pretty much a surprise for the fans. With the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, the game has made a lot of new changes to the game, which makes it pretty much a different game now. New things have come with it, and many more might be on the way. Who knows what weapons or things we will be getting at this.

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