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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Spoilers, and Recap

Dragon Ball Super

Son Goku is determined to save the world and the earthlings as the battle between him and Moro continues. Moro is consuming the ground trying to catch the Saiya since he gave him a chance to atone for his sins by going to prison. Moro refuses after witnessing the power of Sensu beans. Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan, Dende, and the Androids are watching Goku clashing with Moro at a distance. Dende said that he can’t sense something weird and he asks what is going on the planet.

Gohan feels that his body is starting to hurt. Moro has grown into a giant monster that is emerging everywhere from the ground. He is throwing massive punches attacking Goku from the ground. Moro is so excited that his body has become part of the planet and Goku can read his movement. Goku has nowhere left to run and he can’t tell which one is the real Moro since he is showing up everywhere in different forms. Berus, Krulen, and Jaco have been taken to safety away from the battle by Whis using his cannon shield to teleport them.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 will be released on Sunday, 20 December 2020. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter are not yet released. This Manga releases its new chapter once every month, take a look at the latest development below.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Previously on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66

Berus said that he needs to help since he doesn’t have a choice and losing earth will troublesome. Berus reveals that he will be in big trouble if other gods of destruction see him letting the earth got destroyed. While Berus gets ready to go Whis said that he has terrible news for Berus. Berus ask what is it and he reveals that Nearus has been summoned from the Grand Priest. Whis said that it involves the matter of Merus and Berus tells Whis that they must hurry back.

Whis went near Goku and told him that for him to defeat Moro is by shuttering his forehead crystal and release Merus’ power. He told Goku that he has already acquired the divine power. He must do it properly for the earth not to be destroyed along with Moro. Whis left saying that he has to do it like the way Merus did. Berus yells that Goku must save some Erth that has food he likes and the two vanish. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan saying stand aside Kakarrot.

The prince of Saiyan started to punch Moro without stopping. Vegeta tells Kakarrot to destroy the crystal on Moro’s forehead before he recovers. Goku started to tear apart Moro. Vegeta yells that don’t power down Kakarrot and he got caught by Moro who started sucking his powers. Piccalo asks Vegeta if he can do spirit fusion in reverse and Vegeta said yes. Everyone gathers around and collects their CHI to give it to Goku who is inside Moro’s trap.

Vegeta send the CHI to Goku but it wasn’t enough and Moro keeps on squeezing Goku. Uub and Majin Boo shows up and started to help Goku by lending him some powers to regain his strength. Vegeta takes the CHI from Uub and Boo saying that whoever’s CHI is this take for another round of Ultra Instinct. Goku got powered up and enters an Ultra Instinct form and sneds a final Kamehaameha that blow Moro. Everything explodes where Moro is and the heroes from earth cheers for Goku’s victory. Kurulin asks himself if Goku wins but he also cheered for him while he shows his thumb up.

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