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One Piece 965 Spoilers: Time

One Piece 965 spoilers update

In the last chapter of One Piece, we saw how Kozuki Oden joined the Whitebeard Pirates to enjoy the world. His early adventures with Whitebeard and how he met Toki was all revealed. Roger was very interested in meeting him in person. In this post, we will talk about One Piece 965 potential spoilers, date, and predictions. It is expected that Oden will follow Roger with the Roger Pirates. We will finally know the reason why Oden was convinced to join the Roger Pirates in the next chapter.

One Piece 965 Predictions

Roger’s interest can be seen when he heard that someone from Wano finally left the country. This is when Roger and Whitebeard are just starting to build their own crew after the Rocks Pirates disbanded. Meanwhile. Oden was already a division commander in the Whitebeard Pirates back then, enjoying his stay in Whitebeard’s ship. As the first person to be out of Wano, there’s a reason why Roger is very interested in Oden. That would be his skill in reading the Poneglyphs.

One Piece 965 predictions.


Poneglyphs are some of the most mysterious things in One Piece. It is said that the Kozuki family were the makers of these steles. Every patriarch of the family knows how to read and write the ancient language. Momonosuke, however, was too young when Oden died and never had the chance to learn it. Only Nico Robin is the one who can read the stones.

However, when Oden was alive, he had knowledge about the mysterious language. With that in mind, Roger would love to know new knowledge about One Piece. With a renewed interest for Poneglyphs, that would be enough for Oden to consider transferring ships to Roger Pirates. There’s a possibility that Roger needed Oden’s help before he fully developed his ability to hear the Voice of All Things.

One Piece 965 Spoilers Time

One Piece Chapter 965 Spoilers will arrive on Thursday, 12 December 2019. Regarding the it should leak around 5:30 AM JST on December 12, 2019. We will make another post when One Piece 965 spoilers are out, so stay tuned.


The upcoming One Piece is manga is scheduled to be released in Jump Issue 3 on 16 December 2019. As usual, One Piece 965 Raw and Scans would come out about 2-3 days earlier. We will keep you posted with all the updates! Remember to support the official release; You can read One Piece manga for free on MangaPlus which is an official application, that also means you are supporting Eiichiro Oda and the One Piece brand!

The spoilers for One Piece 965 are now out, you can read it here.