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Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 78 Where To Read, and Spoilers

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 78 update, Where To Read, and Spoilers

In this article, we will look at the Twin Star Exorcist chapter release schedule, where you can read new chapters as soon as they are released and later we will then discuss about the spoilers for the Manga’s upcoming chapters. The latest chapter, Chapter 77, started off just when a priest was explaining to Benio and Rokuro that their being the Twin Star Exorcists means that they have to get married and give birth to the ultimate spiritual being.

Twin Star Exorcists Summary

Twin Star Exorcists follows the life of Rokuro who is from a family of exorcists. He was forced to be up to his incredible potential when a new arrival, Benio stirs his competitive spirit. Their rivalry is twisted up when they earn the title of “Twin Star Exorcists” the supreme fighters fated to marry and give birth to the ultimate spiritual warrior.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 78 Spoilers

The thousand-year battle between the Yin and the Yang rages on in Magano at the time when Rokuro is now 20 years old and founding head of the Enmando family. Rokuro and Benio as the most famous couple of all, rush in to save their comrades as they were having a rough time. Later when Rokuro was at home he tells everyone that he will end the war between the Exorcists and the Kegare. When Rokuro and Benio later went for a mission in Magano, he accidentally brought his proposal ring with him. Although he had a hard time fighting with the ring in his pockets, he decided to propose Benio right at the end to which she agreed as they went back to the real world to report on their mission.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 78 update

Twin Star Exorcist Manga is currently serialized in Shonen Monthly magazine which releases its new chapters once a month. VIZ Media announced on its official website that Chapter 78 is scheduled for a release on the 6th of January 2020.

Where To Read Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 78?

You can read Twin Star Exorcist’s latest chapters once they are published from VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official websites and platforms. Raw chapters are released 2-3 days before the digital scans are published. However, we advise you to read digital scans from the official website and Apps as this will help promote the manga creators and its publishers.