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Apologization From Dan Osborne, I’m A Celebrity Star Jacqueline Jossa’s Husband

Jossa had previously told that his husband had committed mistakes in their relationships and hench she was giving him a hard time. After that, there was a recent post by Osborn in which he apologized regarding some of his behaviors with Jossa in their marriage. In the post, he came with an apology and said that his mistakes were big and almost cost him his family. However, he mentioned that he took lessons from his mistakes and would not repeat them again. He was glad for having such a beautiful family and portrayed his hope in a stronger bond that they will have in future

Optimistic about the family

The highlighting thing was the optimism that Osborn showed; despite all the bad blood and rumors, he showed that he had faith in moving towards a happy future with his family. Osborn loves his children and wife and wants to finish the year strongly. He also thanked everyone for providing support. Dan definitely agreed that he had made mistakes more than once, but as a human, he sought forgiveness for them and seemed like he just wanted a second chance. He felt the gravity of his mistakes, which could ruin a happy family and hence wants to fix everything, as it seems from his post.

The disturbing past news

Even though Osborn looks forward to fixing everything and make a new beginning, there are some disturbing elements of the past that still raises a lot of questions. I’m a Celebrity campmate Myles Stephenson shared some sensitive information about witnessing certain text messages that were between Osborn and his girlfriend, Gabby Allen. However, both Allen and Osborn have denied having any relationship apart from being friends.

With so many rumors out there, it is hard to believe, whom we should believe and whom we shouldn’t, but the least we can do is be happy for the family as they move towards a new year with new hopes and aspirations.