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Alexa and Katie Season 3 Part 2 Episode List, Cast, And Details

Alexa & Katie Season 3

Netflix’s original sitcom series, Alexa & Katie returned to Netflix with its third season, and fans are currently waiting for the upcoming second part of the series. Heather Wordham creates the series, and the showrunner is Matthew Carlson. The series has been pretty popular ever since it made its official debut on the platform back in 2018, and currently, it sits on a rating of over seven on IMDb.

Season 3 of Alexa & Katie will be a little different as compared to the earlier two, as it is reported to release in two parts. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the show, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Alexa & Katie Season 3 part 2.

Alexa & Katie Season 3 Story

The story of the series revolves around two best friends Katie and Alexa, as they wait anxiously to begin their freshman year; however, things change when Alexa discovers about her having cancer. To support Alexa, Katie decides to cut off her hair, and the show focuses on their friendship and the struggles they face in their lives.

Alexa & Katie Season 3 Cast

The cast of season 3 includes Paris Berelc as Alexa, Isabel May as Katie, Emery Kelly as Lucas, Eddie Shin as Dave, Finn Carr as Jack, Jolie Jenkins as Jennifer, and others.

Alexa & Katie Season 3

Alexa & Katie Season 3 Still

Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episodes

The official confirmation came via EW, and they reported that Alexa & Katie Season 3 would be a bit longer, and it will feature a total of 16 episodes in two parts. So, season 3 has aired eight episodes and is on its mid-season break.

Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 1: 1st Day of Junior Year
Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 2: Stupid Binder
Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 3: Always Something There To Remind Me
Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 4: Unconsciously Coupling
Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 5: All I Want For Christmas Is You
Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 6: Writer-Director-Nervous Wreck
Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 7: It’s Just Weird
Alexa & Katie Season 3 Episode 8: Panic! At the Putt-Putt

Alexa & Katie Season 3 update

The officialis yet to be revealed; however, according to reports, Alexa & Katie Season 3, part 2 is expected to release sometime in the first half of 2020.

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