2020 Bowman Baseball update and All You Need to Know

Bowman was pretty famous for making baseball cards back in 1940s right until Topps bought the brand in 1956. So, in today’s day and age Topps sells its baseball cards under the name of ‘Bowman’. Bowman baseball card season 2019 ended some months ago and since then the fans are awaiting the release of 2020 Bowman cards. In this post, I’ll be discussing all the details regarding the 2020 Bowman update. So, without any further delay, let us begin discussing this new Bowman 2020 post.

2020 Bowman update

2020 season of baseball is yet to kick-off but the update of 2020 Bowman cards is already out. So, 2020 Bowman cards update is set to be 15 April 2020. Now, let us now discuss in detail what to expect from 2020 Bowman cards. The cards will include 24 packs in total. Each and every one of these packs is going to have 10 cards in it. Now, among these 10 cards, there will be 5 prospect cards and 5 base cards. There will be a total of 12 boxes in each case. The most exciting news is about the Jumbo Version which will be containing 12 packs of 32 cards and 8 boxes per case. On top of that Jumbo, Version will have 3 Chrome autographs, unlike normal versions which will have just 1. Talking about 2020 Bowman base set. The base set will be having a total of 100 cards. All of these cards are bound to have current generation stars embedded in them. Prospect set will contain 150 cards which are just awesome. This set will also have a similar Chrome Prospect set as well. This was all the information regarding the type of cards that 2020 Bowman cards will be having. Now, will the appearance of Bowman cards also change this year? Yes, that is correct, we’ll get to see an upgraded version of the appearance of the cards as well this time around. So, what will be the changes that we’ll be witnessing? We are bound to see the all-new style of paint on 2020 Bowman cards. The full borders of the cards are going to be painted this time around. Unlike, last time when there was no such thing and pictures were on the edges. This new appearance is getting a lot of positive reaction out of the fans of Bowman cards. This look is more classical and traditional at the same time. Do mention your thoughts regarding 2020 Bowman cards in the comments section down below.

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