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Sing ‘Yesterday’ For Me update and Details

Sing "Yesterday" for me

Yesterday wo Utatte (aka Sing “Yesterday” for me) one of the good old manga from Kei Touma, which began serialization in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine “Business Jump” in 1997. The anime has already started airing form the 4th April 2020 from Doga Kobo. Here we will explain to you all about Sing “Yesterday” for me.

The anime Sing “Yesterday” for me is a slice of life, seinen romantic drama series but not just the romantic anime series like we had “Oresuki” or “ScienceFell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It.” Those anime are addressed for teenage viewers, but anime Sing “Yesterday” for me targets both teenagers and especially for adults. So, there might be a plot that has negative reviews who are not much familiar with this type of romantic dramas.

Sing “Yesterday” for me is like a very heavy drama romantic type genre where it addresses the situation of normal adult life and their trouble in both love and daily life, which is quite realistic and heart aching. So if you are the type who follows the female lead in the story, then this might be a tough one for you.

It also shows how adults are not always certain with the things they do and how they are not always honest with their feelings as the young ones. Being living as an adult, it may be easier to lie to society and themselves but also bring more pain and suffering to themselves at the end.


The story follows a graduated guy from the university named RikuoUozomi,” who is the protagonist of this story. He lost all his ambitions in life and now does a convenience store job as a living. One day he met his former classmate and crush, but things start to take more turns thanks to an energetic girl named Haru Nonaka and her pet raven.

Cast and Character

Rikuo Uozumi

Yesterday wo uttate

Rikuo Uozumi, Sing “Yesterday” for me

Seiyuu: Chikahiro Kobayashi. The leading protagonist of the story, who was quite unsure and unmotivated toward the goal of his life and future. He has a passion for photography but lacks ambitions to find his career in life. Currently, he works in a convenience store to pay his rent and living utilities. He has a crush on Shinako since his university days. He has a past he won’t want to remember.

He has a soft space for crows; he sometimes feeds the food he should dispose of the crows during his job. He seemed to be pretty reserved and stubborn sometimes. In fear of being hurt, he doesn’t like taking the risk and tends to struggle with depression. He is trying to get a little better with his emotions now.

Shinako Morinome

Shinako Morinome “Yesterday” for me

Seiyuu: Kana Hanazawa (if you are a fan of Kana Hanazawa, you probably don’t wanna miss this anime now). Shinako Morinome is one of the leading female characters in the anime Sing Yesterday for me. She was a former classmate and a close friend of the protagonist, Riku, in the university. She also taught at the same High School where Haru used to attend but soon dropped; Shinako feels that she might in the fault of why Haru dropped school. She only wishes to be friends with Rikuo but deep down also harbor a small number of feelings for him.

She loved Rui’s older Brother a long time ago until he passed away because of a heart disease, which makes it hard to love again. She might have loved him because he tries hard even though he knew he was going to die young because of that he didn’t want anyone to be attached to him. They are used to be neighbors and childhood friends, and she has known Rui and his family for a long time now. Now she avoids the topic entirely and tries not to talk about it with anyone.

She has a maturing and nurturing personality. She always finds herself in the same spot and never progress the way she wants to be.

She had long hair but later cuts her hair and sports makeup. She used to have thick brown and long hair, and her attire is average. She was considered cute by many people as she always carries herself with grace.

Haru Nonaka


Haru Nonaka, Sing “Yesterday” for me

Seiyuu: Yume Miyamoto. Haru Nonaka, one of the leading female characters her name Haru Nonaka was given to her by her original father, but later, he left her with her mother and disappeared and married another woman. She didn’t contact with her father for ten years. Even after that, she still uses and likes her “Haru Nonaka” as it is and didn’t wish to change it.

Haru Nonoka dropped out of High School because of the disapproval from the school regarding her part-time job in “Milk Hall,” which is a cafe and bar in the evening. She has known Rikuo for a long time and have a feeling for him and often visit him during his part-time job at the convenience store. She also has a pet who is always with her, a crow named Kansuke.

In the past, she used to have braided hair and look more studious, that’s when she first met with Rikuo. Not only that, but she also attended the same high school that Shinako once taught at. Haru knows that Rikuo has feeling for Shinako and not her but even though kept hanging out with Rikuo.

Now she works at a cosplay/maid cafe and bar. Her boss is Kyouko. Haru and her mother are not very close, but they like the way it is. They prefer privacy from both sides.

Haru has chestnut brown hair and dark grey eyes. She always wears black attire because she thinks it looks cool.