Subverse Steam Release Date
Subverse Steam

Studio F.O.W recently announced their space-adventure RPG titled, Subverse. It is an adult theme, and it is a mixture of Mass Effect, XCOM and Star Control. There is plenty of 18+ cinematics in the game, and Studio F.O.W has become quite famous for it. The biggest news that has been keeping the gamers on edge is that Subverse will be launching on Steam uncensored.

People suggested the developers of Subverse release a censored version on Steam and then they would release an R18+ patch off-site. This is the method that a lot of developers have taken up and it has allowed them to release their games on steam.

Studio F.O.W’s creative director DC said they are actually going all in with an uncensored build but, they have also kept the possibility of Valve trying to change something later on. So, they have come up with a plan.

On the Kickstarter page, they have written that they plan to release the game on Valve as they managed to get the all clear. They have also revealed that the game doesn’t contain too much graphic content that would end up violating their terms and conditions. The full version of the game won’t be censored at all so; I am sure that many people would be looking to get the full version.

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The game is slated to be released in summer 2019 once they meet their required goal on Kickstarter. They had set up a goal of just over $130,000. By raising enough money, they would be able to release the game later this year.

The core components of the game are finished. However, they still need to assemble all of those things and put them together and finalize interactive sequences, voice acting, and cinematics. You can make your contributions to the game by checking out their Kickstarter page.


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