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DC Superhero High: Other HBO Max Details

DC Superhero High update

HBO Max has made a lot of moves recently, and it has announced more than just one new television series. One of the officially announced ones is DC Superhero High. In this post, I’ll be talking about DC Superhero High other important details regarding the same. Also, spoilers are indeed part of this DC Superhero High post, and this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more, let us begin discussing the topic.

So, what is DC Superhero High television series all about? This is a show that is a full-on light-hearted one. We’ll get to see our favorite superheroes Batman, Superman, The Flash, and all major heroes of the DC universe in their kid versions. That is correct; all of these big-name heroes will be kids going to a special boarding school. This school will by no means be an ordinary one, it will be for the specially gifted ones. Like the one we see in Marvel’s X-MEN series.

DC has a habit of making prequels because this gives them a lot of freedom to manipulate that character of a superhero and make him do whatever necessary to make it an interesting show to watch for the fans. If they use the characters in their prime youth, they do not have a lot of room to change the character altogether, so we should expect to see a never seen side when the kid versions of superheroes take to the screen. It will surely be a very interesting show to watch, and DC needs to make this work otherwise, it could also turn into a humiliating disaster if they don’t do it right.

One thing HBO Max has announced that the main genre of this show is going to be pure comedy, so serious-faced DC fans will probably not like this new show. Some say that it could be a Riverdale version with superpowers of DC Universe and it seems like it is going to be an interesting show to watch.

DC Superhero High update

DC Superhero High update is yet to be announced. The project has been officially announced by HBO Max along with some new animated projects. HBO Max has now been officially announced and its update is set for 27 May 2020. This is an all-new streaming service announced by Warner Media.

The competition of online streaming sources is getting stiffer and tighter day by day. Some of the other successful platforms include NBC, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and of course the giant Netflix. Elizabeth Banks will be executive produce DC Superhero High. We hope that this show is launched along with HBO Max only and hopefully we won’t have to wait for long.

Other DC Universe content that will be adapted into a series Strange Adventures and another series based on Green Lantern, both being produced by Greg Berlanti will also be launched along with DC Superhero High. There is a lot of hype and expectations regarding this new show and hopefully, it will deliver the goods in the right way.

HBO Max Details

This all-new streaming service is a big thing. When the service will be launched it will have at least 1800 movies from the start and it will be streaming content from different channels as well. These include DC, CNN, New Line, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, etc.

There are set to be around 31 HBO Max original series released in 2020 and 50 in 2021. All the DC movies will be available to watch and when the much-awaited prequel of Game of Thrones is going to be released on HBO, it will be streaming on HBO Max. So, it is a big-time project for sure, and it will hope to win the competition between other streaming services. HBO Max will be available throughout all platforms like phones, television, etc.

HBO Max has already signed up the big name shows like Big Bang Theory, Friends, South Park, etc. By the looks of it, it will be taking the streaming world by storm. If it had been released in the current Coronavirus pandemic situation, it would have certainly made a big name for itself. It is set to cost $14.99 per month. Do let us know your thoughts regarding DC Superhero High and HBO Max.