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My First First Love Season 2: Netflix Release And Returning Characters

My First First Love Season 2 update
My First First Love Season 2

My First First Love is a romantic series which is made for Netflix. It is a Netflix original, and it has been created by Jung Hyun-Jung. It is the fifth South Korean drama that has been created by Netflix. The filming for the show began in September 2018, and it ended in 2019. We don’t know if the show produced a second season in the same period. The first season of My First First Love was very successful, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the show is renewed for a second season.

The conclusion of the first season left the fans with a huge cliffhanger. In the second season, we might see conflict among the friends who are living in Tae-oh’s home. It should be another enthralling season. There will be plenty of drama so, look forward to seeing it.

The first season of the show aired on April 18, 2019. It has only been a little over a week since the first season premiered. Most likely, we will see another season of the show. The show might require another four months or so for filming the second season. We can expect the second season of My First First Love to come out in early 2020. It could even come out in late 2019 but, I think 2020 seems more likely.

The show follows Yoon Tae-oh whose friends move into his home. Before long, the feelings of love start and friendships. The group learns what love is about and they also learn to value their friendships.

We will most likely see the main cast returning for the second season. There could be some new faces but, the main cast will return. Here is the cast for My First First Love:
Ji Soo as Yoon Tae-oh
Jung Chae-Yeon as Han Song-Yi
Jung Jin-young as Seo Do-Hyun
Choi Ri as Oh Ga-rin
Kang Tae-oh as Choi Hoon