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Mech X4 Season 3: Is It Getting Delayed?

Mech X-4 Season 3
Mech X-4 Season 3 Casts

In this article, we will discuss all the details regarding American Scifi Adventure Television Show Mech X-4. Whether the show is being renewed for a Season 3 or not? How many Episodes the season 3 will have and the update of Mech X-4 Season 3. We will discuss every detail regarding Season 3 of Mech X-4 in this article. So here is all you need to know.

Mech X-4: What is It about?

Created by Steve Marmel and First Aired Disney XD in 2017. The show follows Ryan Walker a freshman at a Bay City High who can control technology with his mind. This Ability of his one day awakens a 150 ft Giant Robot built by an Intangible genius who hides in the city to defend it from the Evils. So Ryan Selects his brother and his two best friends to provide him some help to control the Mech X-4 Giant Robot. Whenever any giant monsters attack the Bay City Ryan with his brothers and his two best friends works as a team to protect their city from Mass destruction.

Mech X-4 Season 3

Mech X-4 Season 3

Has It Been Renewed for a Third Season?

Well, It has been two years since the release of its 2nd season and Disney XD has not announced anything regarding the future of the show yet. There has been a lot of speculations and rumors are surfacing about whether the fans will expect a Season 3 of Mech X-4 or Not. But as it stands till now Disney XD has not revived the show for a Third Season. We might have to wait a bit more to get an official update about this if we receive any we will update you with that information.

Mech X-4 Season 3 Renewal Update

Mech X-4 Season 3 Renewal Update

Whom Can we expect in the Cast of Mech X-4 Season 3?

Well, It is pretty difficult for us to reveal the cast of Mech X-4 Season 3 as the show has not been revived for a third season yet. However, we think that the main cast of the films is expected to remain the same if the show gets renewed for a 3rd Season. We are attaching the main cast details whom we can witness in the season 3 of Mech X-4 Below.

Mech X-4 Season 3

Mech X-4 Season 3 Casts


  • Nathaniel Potvin as Ryan Walker: A technopath who controls the Mech-X4 as a pilot. He discovered in the very first season of Mech X-4 that he was adopted and his real parents had to give him up as they were fleeing from Seth Harper.
  • Raymond Cham as Mark Walker: The Older Brother of Ryan who serves as the machinist for the Mech-X4 Robot. He is very famous in school and is a lead athlete.
  • Kamran Lucas as Harris Harris Jr: A Friend of Ryan’s who commands the DM shields and defenses fo the Mech-X4. He is also a very skilled inventor.
  • Pearce Joza as Spyder: Ryan’s friend who runs the weaponry for the Mech-X4. 
  • Alyssa Jirrels as Veracity: A student at Ryan’s school 

Mech X-4 Season 3: update

We can’t really tell about the update of Mech X-4 Season 3 yet, the show is still to be renewed by Disney XD for a 3rd Season. But we can tell about the probable update of Mech X-4 Season 3, so if it gets revived it will most probably release on some time around Early 2021. The previous seasons of Mech X-4 are available on Disney XD and Disney Channel you can stream it from there.

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