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The Batman: Robert Pattinson Officially Cast, New Updates

Earlier this year, it was reported that Ben Affleck wasn’t too keen on sticking with DC for reprising his role as Batman, so guess what, Robert Pattinson is officially going to be the next Batman. The movie director Matt Reeves will utilize the property of Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck’s reboot and also will go back to yesteryear’s of the Dark Knight.

It was reported that many many screen tests later, actor Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman. Some of the prominent names that had auditioned for the movie were Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Warner Bros. approved Reeves opinion on Robert Pattinson and cast him as Batman. It has further been reported that Pattinson has closed the deal with Warner Bros. The actor will now lead the trilogy of films as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. We first heard the news a couple of weeks ago, but today Deadline confirmed the news to be a cent percent accurate after a screen test was held. WB will make the casting news official any minute now.

Pattinson directed by Matt Reeves will work on three movies, as a part of the contract. The negotiations with Pattinson thus took a little longer than expected. Batman, the movie will deal with Wayne’s formative years before he became Batman. Both the director and the studio were looking for an actor in his early 30s.

This casting or the movie trilogy will have nothing to do with Ben Affleck’s Batman, played by him years ago. What do you think of this casting? Let us know below.