The Last Czars Season 2: Will There Be A New Series?

The Last Czars is a Netflix series that was focused on the fall of the Romanov dynasty and its ruler, Tsar Nicholas II. Tsar Nicholas II was the last Emperor of Russia, and he ruled from 1894 until 1917. His rule came to an end on February 1917, when the Russian people said they finally had enough and took to the streets to protest against their leader.

The show premiered on Netflix on July 3, 2019. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you stream the show on Netflix. The Last Czars has six episodes, and each episode is 45 minutes long. Each episode is focused on the rise and fall of Tsar Nicholas II.

Here is a look at the episode titles of The Last Czars:

Episode one: Chosen One
Episode two: The Boy
Episode three: Anarchy
Episode four: War
Episode five: Revolution
Episode six: The House of Special Purpose

So, due to the success of the first season, there are obviously asking for another season of the show. But, so far there is no news about the renewal of the series. It is very likely that the show won’t be renewed for another season. It is because the first season covered the entire historic story of the Romanovs. So, unless they want to further and share the detail on the Bolsheviks and the founding of the Soviet Union.

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