Black Clover Season 2 Finale: The New Future

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Black Clover Season 2 Finale
Black Clover Studio Pierrot

In this post, I’m going to talk about the finale of Black Clover season 2. This post is full of spoilers so, if you don’t want to be spoiled then click away from the article. With that out of the way let’s begin. The most recent episode of Black Clover was very sad. It made me tear up straightaway. I could not handle it.

In the episode, we saw that Marx, the Wizard King’s advisor sent word to every squad captain, and ordered them to help out the Wizard King. Licht’s spells damage the city but, Julius still holds back so as to not injure Vangeance’s body. Julius then revealed his Grimoire. Julius’ Grimoire is very large and is just an endless circle of pages around a central spine. It has no cover.

Black Clover Season 2 Finale
Still from Black Clover

Licht casts a spell that is powerful enough to completely wipe out the entire country. Julius then begins to recall his time as a magic knight. He remembers how he was searching for his life’s purpose. But, he finally found it after meeting Zara. Zara taught him that a true knight should serve his people.

After Zara was killed in cold blood, Julius decided to become the Wizard King so as to change the class system. With the aid of knights, Julius thought he could finally create better world.

Julius however wasn’t ready to give in and he used all the accumulated time to reverse the entire country back a few seconds. He saves everyone but, this leaves himself open to attack. Licht takes this opportunity to stab him in the heart. Yami arrived too late and hence, he couldn’t save Julius. He takes out his sword as he prepares to kill both Licht and Vangeance.

Black Clover Season 2 Finale

The title for the next episode is “New Future”. Black Clover Season 2 Finale will be on July 30, 2019. With the next episode, the second season of Black Clover will come to an end.

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