Tsukiuta,The Animation 2 Episode 1 Preview, and Spoilers

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Tsukiuta,The Animation 2

This Anime follows the story of twelve men and twelve women, each representing a month of the year. Tsukino Talent Production also manages the fictional idol groups under TsukiPro.The men belong to the rival sibling units of Six Gravity and Procellarum. The members of Six Gravity come from Eastern Japan. The members of Procellarum come from Western Japan.

The women belong to the units Fluna and Seleas. They are goddess candidates from a different dimension. They are unknown to the people on Earth. A happy member of Six Gravity gets along well with his team members along with the members of Procellarum. Allow me to take you into more updates of this new Anime below.

This post is about Tsukiuta, The Animation 2 Episode 1 Official Trailer, and summary. You can visit Tsukita, The Animation 2 officially at www.tsukiani.com. Take a look at the weekly release schedule of this Anime below.

Tsukiuta, The Animation 2 Episode 1 will be released on Wednesday, 7 October 2020, at 10:30 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Wednesday. Make sure to watch out for the spoilers of the next episode when you proceed. Take a look at the summary and official trailer below.

Tsukiuta,The Animation 2
Tsukiuta, The Animation 2

Tsukiuta, The Animation 2 Episode 1 Summary

Hajime Mutssuki is the leader of Six Gravity who is also called King by his allies because of the way he treats them. He is a quiet man with only a few words and he possesses a high intellect and physical strength shown in his Iron Claw technique. He can crush an apple with bare hands using his technique. Hajime is the only son of the prominent Mutsuki family of Eastern Japan.

Hajime shows his childish when the oldest members gathered together. Rui is innocent and naive, to the point that Shimotsuki Shun has negatively influenced his way of thinking. He can whilst maintaining a straight face and he does not react when hearing scary stories or something that is frightening. Rui is an expert in playing the piano, and he has participated in national and international competitions when he was young.

Rui has an older brother called Rei who has some disagreements with his parents involving his musical career as a pianist. Rui run away from home and met with Fuduki Kai and they both lived together until they were scouted. Kai is the reason for Rui to be scouted due to his talent. Kai is a member of Procellarum representing the month of July.

Kai has bighearted and he is friendly which makes him popular and respected by other men. He is the eldest son among six siblings, Kai has developed a natural big brother like personality and has a habit of rubbing everyone on the head. Kai is known for being as a very reliable person. Kai wants to become independent and he survives through his part-time jobs and living on his own. He takes Rui as his own son and worries about him all the time.

Tsukiuta, The Animation 2 Official Trailer

That’s what the latest developments of this Anime have revealed for us so far. More updates about the upcoming episode will be available as soon as the latest episode has been released.

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