Guraburu! Episode 5 Preview

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In the middle of the sea, Cagliostro is on the water, there is a showdown with the revenge of Bonito. Jin is trying to take Bonito out of the water so that he can feed his stomach, Jin is on his boat taking on Bonito with Cagliostro. Jin is getting overpowered by Bonito and he is worn out. He decided to find its weak spot and told Cagliostro to try and draw its attention so that his plan will work.

Cagliostro is a lazy girl and she replied that she can’t even lift a finger. She asks Jin to be specif about what she should do and he told her to take any object and use it as destruction. Cagliostro saw an arrow and rockfish and she picks them up trying to figure out what she can do. Instead of doing the right thing she failed and did the opposite.

Guraburu! Episode 5 Recap

Guraburu! Episode 4 will be released on Thursday, 5 November 2020, at 9:54 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Thursday note that this post may contain the spoiler of upcoming episode watch out for them when you proceed. You can watch this Anime on Crunchyroll. Let’s take a look at below.


Previously on Guraburu! Episode 4

Cagliostro sings arrow, rock .arrow, and rock but didn’t get the attention of Bonito. Soriz and Eugen try to help out with the power of their muscles being bosted by Cagliostro song. But they failed to get their Bonito after showing great teamwork and effort. Sometime later Jin receives a fundoshi from the fishermen. Lyria notices that Jin is acting like a baby and Kaz said that it is fundoshi’s fault. He reveals that Jhin fundoshi is tight as a baby’s diaper and it is making him act like a baby.

Lyria asks how are they going to help Jin snap out from acting like a baby and came back to normal. Vyrn helps Jin with his fundoshi and he became back to normal by tightening the fundoshi some more. Meanwhile, the crew enjoys playing a candy stick game. Eugen asks what are the fine lady of this crew is up to and Soriz replied that they are playing a candy stick game.

Jin adds that the ladies eat a candy stick from both ends. Eugen decides to step in between ladies so that he can get two kisses and Jin punched him away. After that Jin told Soriz that no men are allowed in between ladies playing the candy stick game. Eugene is disappointed that he didn’t get his kiss and enjoy the part of the game.

Guraburu! Episode 5 Preview

With those updates so far that is what we manage to get for you this week. Keep in mind that every Thursday after the release of the new episode we will be hitting again with new updates of the next episode.

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