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Competition Between Netflix and HBO Max For Upcoming “GodZilla vs. Kong” Movie

The cinemas worldwide are restricted due to the pandemic, and people prefer to use streaming services to watch new movies. This is why the upcoming movie from Legendary Pictures, Godzilla vs. Kong, plans to move to a streaming service for subsequent release in March 2021. Warner Media was planning to sell the streaming rights to HBO Max. At the same time, Netflix is interested in releasing the movie over at their site. This led to the bid of 200 million dollars from Netflix, which was denied by the production company.

Netflix was the first big name in the streaming industry, and since then, many new sites have established their own premium services dividing the audience. Among them is the competitor HBO Max. HBO has confused us with many of their naming schemes, but this new site, HBO Max, is the latest in their line-up. It is a direct competitor to sites like Netflix, and Amazon Prime as the trend of streaming has boomed during the pandemic period where people have more time to stay home.

Godzilla vs. Kong is the fourth installment for this series, and it was scheduled to release in the mid of this year. However, with all cinema closed, the movie was moved up to November 2020 and then ultimately to March of 2021. The movie was already limited in budget, and the pandemic further made it difficult for the production team. The offer from Netflix would have eased the money problem. However, the CEO of Warner did not accept the offer, and the movie will ultimately be released on HBO Max according to the latest update.

Godzilla is a Japanese franchise from the mid-1900s that was adapted into the American industry just recently. There are three movies, among which the last two were developed by Legendary Pictures under the Warner Bros. name. Now, the third movie is set for release, and it introduces Kong into the mix. These two monsters walk on Earth, bringing havoc everywhere they go, and humanity decides to bring both monsters against each other for an ultimate battle of titans. Meanwhile, the conspiracy to wipe all such creatures from Earth continues, and the main character moves to stop the conspiracy and solve the mystery of these titans roaming around on the Earth.

Netflix has its own animated franchise of Godzilla movies mainly made by their Japanese partnerships. Their interest in the new film would originate from the success of their animated line-up. Making a huge deal on the films would mean that they want to get the films for their audience. However, Warner denied the bid because their current streaming preference is the HBO Max platform, as another one of their films, Wonder Woman 1984, is releasing on the same platform.

Still, this monopoly between the production and streaming companies makes it hard for paying consumers to enjoy these movies in the current period. They will only enjoy the movie in the cinema if they chose to skip the watch on HBO Max.