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Dorohedoro Episode 1: Streaming, Preview, and Time

Dorohedoro episode 1 online
Dorohedoro Promo

Howdy guys, in this post, we are going to talk about Dorohedoro Episode 1 time, and streaming details. The anime is based on the manga by the same name, Dorohedoro. The manga is written by Q Hayashida and is published on Viz Media for North America. This post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you skip to thepart. So, let’s get started-

Dorohedoro anime is based on a popular Japanese manga series written by Q Hayashida with the same name. The first episode will be airing soon. Dorohedoro is for those who are into Action, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, and Seinen. Moreover, the anime is coming from Studio MAPPA. The same studio that animated Dororo. Now, when will the first episode of Dorohedoro release? Let’s find out-

When is Dorohedoro Episode 1 update?

Dorohedoro episode 1 is going to release on 13th January 2020. The Opening Theme for the first episode is out, it is called, “Welcome to Chaos” by [K]NoW_NAME. The anime is produced by MAPPA studios. We are also going to talk about where to stream Dorohedoro Episode 1 online.

Dorohedoro 2020 Official Promo

Where To watch Dorohedoro Episode 1 online in English Sub and Dub?

You will be able to watch the Dorohedoro Episode 1 online on Netflix Japan. The episode will air at 00:00 AM JST in Japan on Tokyo MX. The anime will air the first episode of the show on Netflix Japan before its premiere on Japanese television. From what we know, you will not be able to watch Dorohedoro Episode 1 on FUNimation or Crunchyroll, as they have not yet licensed it, if they do license it, then you will be able to watch on their respective websites.

The anime is not available as an English dubbed version, it is only available in Japanese Dubbed with English Subtitles.

You can also stream the episode online for free on various streaming platforms. Still, we highly advise you to stream it on the official platforms only as this will support the creators, and we will be getting more seasons of our favorite anime.

Who is the main voice cast of Dorohedoro?

We have the main cast for the anime, which is below:

  • Wataru Takagi as Caiman
  • Reina Kondo as Nikaidō
  • Kenyuu Horiuchi as En
  • Yu Kobayashi as Noi
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Shin
  • Kengo Takanashi as Fujita
  • Miyu Tomita as Ebisu
  • Hisao Egawa as Vaux
  • Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Kasukabe

What is Dorohedoro is about?

The anime is coming from a popular Japanese manga written by Q Hayashida. The plot revolves around Caiman, who lost all of his memories after being transformed into a lizard-headed man. He lives in a region called Hole. Now, he is hunting the magic users in order to recover his face and memories. Later on, Nikaido joined him. Furthermore, after acquiring odd clues, he enters up the bizarre magic world.