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Smeargle Pokemon Go Release: Here’s How To Catch It

Catch Smeargle Pokemon Go

You are proud aware of the new AR Photo Mode in Pokemon Go, which was recently introduced. The feature is available for all the Pokemon that are level 5 and above, and this feature also comes with an entirely new Pokemon. For those of you who loved the Gen 2, like me, this is a golden chance to catch one of its greatest Pokemon.

Yes, I’m talking about Smeargle. You can catch the Pokemon, but there are certain things that you must do before catching it, and we’ll be discussing that in this post. So, are you ready for the Gen 2 greatness? It looks like catching Smeargle isn’t as easy as one would’ve thought. He doesn’t even follow the regular procedure of catching Pokemon.

Smeargle Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Gameplay Screenshot

Interestingly, Smeargle might appear in some photos taken using the Go Snapshot feature. Only then can it be captured. If Smeargle looks in your pictures when you use the Go Snapshot feature, it’ll be there waiting for you to give you a chance to catch the Pokemon. Right now, we don’t know how exactly Smeargle appears in your photos.

There is no way to increase the chances of him coming in your photos. You have to be lucky. If you are fortunate enough, you will also receive a new medal, called the Photo Bomb Medal, which is always great for the collection.

For those of you wondering what makes Smeargle special, well here’s what does it. Smeargle is a Pokemon that can learn Sketch every ten levels. This move will permanently copy the last step the opponent Pokemon used. This makes Smeargle a Pokemon that can replicate every single attack, and that’s an incredible ability to have any day.

Will you be going out to catch a Smeargle now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!