Inmates Season 2: update, Cast, Plot and Update Details

The American TV series, Inmates, concluded its first season back in 2018; however, we haven’t heard from the team ever since. There has been a huge demand for prison dramas lately, and all of the major networks including big streaming giants are fulfilling the demand with popular content, and ‘Inmates’ is one of them, however, because of some reason, fans are yet to hear about the future of the show. A lot of new rumors and speculations have surfaced up, and we have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the show, so here is everything you need to know bout the upcoming Inmates Season 2.

Produced by Telemundo Internacional Studios, ‘Inmates’ was directed by the trio of Alfonso Pineda, Jorge Colón and Mariano Ardanaz, while the screenplay was provided by Joaquín Casasola, Enrique Vázquez, and Gerónimo Barriga. The show made its debut on 25th September 2018 and was well-received by the audiences, and the critics praised the direction, storyline, and the overall performances of the actors.

Inmates Season 1 received a pretty good rating, and it managed an average viewership of over 1.35 million viewers, so it’s highly possible for Netflix to renew it for a second season in the future. Many fans are taking the opportunity to pitch their voice in demand for a second season, and if the previous performance is anything to go by then, it seems reasonable for Netflix to give season 2 the green light. The first season is currently available on Netflix, so watch it if you haven’t already.

Inmates Season 2 Plot: What we know?

‘Inmates’ focuses on Lázaro Mendoza, a former US Marine who decides to enter Mexico’s maximum-security prison for a critical task. The story revolves around the officer as he infiltrates the prison housing to numerous dangerous criminals in search of a prominent Judge, John Morris’ daughter.

The plot of season 2 is yet to be revealed; however, it is expected to pick up from the events that took place in the finale of season 1.

How many episodes will Inmates Season 2 have?

Season 1 episodes include

Inmates Season 1 Episode 1: Dante Pardo es un infiltrado
Inmates Season 1 Episode 2: Dante tiene pistas de Linda
Inmates Season 1 Episode 3: Dante y el pasadizo secreto
Inmates Season 1 Episode 4: Porfirio chantajea al juez
Inmates Season 1 Episode 5: Ordenan el traslado de Linda
Inmates Season 1 Episode 6: Ocultan a Linda
Inmates Season 1 Episode 7: Morris traiciona a Dante
Inmates Season 1 Episode 8: Dante libre por 24 horas
Inmates Season 1 Episode 9: Frida tras el caso de Pablito
Inmates Season 1 Episode 10: Frida descubre quién es Dante
Inmates Season 1 Episode 11: Linda, la espía de Dante
Inmates Season 1 Episode 12: Dante y Frida se besan
Inmates Season 1 Episode 13: Dante sale de la prisión

Inmates Season 2, if renewed, is expected to feature a total of around 10-13 episodes.

Who is the Cast of Inmates Season 2?

The cast for the upcoming season includes Ignacio Serricchio as Lázaro Mendoza, Ana Claudia Talancón as Frida Villarreal, Flavio Medina as Peniche, Luis Felipe Tovar as Mariano Tavares, David Chocarro as Santito, Mariana Seoane as Roxana, Guy Ecker as John Morris, Isabella Castillo as Linda Morris, Gustavo Sánchez Parra as Cuauhtémoc, and others.

Inmates Season 2 update: What we know?

Inmates Season 2 is expected to release in late 2020 or the first half of 2021. The show is yet to be renewed, however, according to some new rumors, season 2’s production is already underway, and Netflix will soon make the official announcement. We will keep you posted as soon as Netflix drops its official word.

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