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League of Legends: Wild Rift New Game Details, update WARNING, Update and Trailer

League Of Legends

Hey, league of Legends fans out there…!!! Get ready to experience a revamped mobile version. Yes, you heard it right. League of Legends is under development soon, reaching the App Store for both  IOS and Android this year. It’s been Rumoured around last May to give a headshot Riot Games came forward with an announcement. Its Been ten years since the popular PC game made its entry into the gaming Industry. The PC version of the Game is well received and soon became popular within a few years, around 2012 its been the most played PC game in America and Europe in terms of hours.

League of Legends: Game Details

Initially, the game was developed by Riot Games and published for Windows and macOS. League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle arena where many players can jump in the same segment and envoke their combined attack on the enemies. The mobile version of the game is titled “League of Legends – Wild rift.” Riot Games has announced that the mobile version of the games differs entirely from the earlier PC Version. It’s surprising to know that Game is being developed from scratch with enhanced and new features for the complete, polished mobile gaming experience. Soon after the announcement, Oppo, a Mobile manufacturing Chinese company, has come forward in securing an exclusive deal in gaining priority for the mobile version.

League of Legends: update WARNING

Dev team has announced several warnings regarding the launch of the Game. It seems the game is far away from being ready to announce their final launch date for Wild Rift. Global shutdown due to the corona outbreak also seems to delay the progress furthermore. As far now there has not been any official update from Riot game. It’s likely expected to be released later this year. Development is still in progress; it will be out once the initial version of the Game gets approval. We’ll update with a update once it gets official.

League Of Legends

League of Legends Poster

League of Legends: update

Riot Developers has announced that to increase the performance of the Game, many features of the PC version were suspended. Wild Rift comes with different dimensions for the popular Game. It mostly consists of two teams attacking each other for protecting their land base. League of legends was the early Game to have Map functionality in their portal. LoL is completely redesigned to provide 5X5 battling experiencing thus reducing the battling time. With many technical standards, the gaming industry is getting a different dimension to satisfy the gamer’s expectations. Riot game being a giant in the gaming industry has made the decision to take the Game to current trending hardware devices like mobile and consoles.

League of Legends: Trailer

Developers have planned further changes after getting feedback from the players. Alpha and beta version of the Game undergoes the testing phase during this year. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the main boosters of the industry. It helps the developers in coming up with an adaptable mobile version. Riot Games has planned to make the Mobile version of the Game fully live around the globe in 2020.  fully revamped models, game systems, animations, and more—but keeping true to the core League of Legends game.