Top End Wedding: update And Plot

Top End Wedding is a 2019 Australian rom-com that’s directed by Wayne Blair and starring Gwilym Lee and  Miranda Tapsell, the latter of whom also co-wrote the film and served as executive producer of the film. The story of Top End Wedding goes something like this:

Ned and Lauren are engaged and in love. In the middle of all this, Lauren’s mother goes missing leaving Ned and Lauren clueless. They are left with ten days to find Lauren’s mother, and she’s gone somewhere in the Northern Territory. Lauren has a daunting task to reunite her parents and to plan her Top End Wedding.

The couple travels through the wild beauty of Australia’s Northern Territory venturing into challenging landscapes. They face several problems, meet characters, discover each other and have fun while doing all this. At the end of this journey, Lauren learns why her mother had to leave to find a home in the first place.

The director of Top End Wedding is Wayne Blair | while Miranda Tapsell, Joshua Tyler, have done screenwriting. Top End Wedding is produced by Rosemary Blight, Kylie du Fresne, Kate Croser. Eric Murray Lui has done cinematography for Top End Wedding, and the running time is 113 minutes. It comes out on May 2, 2019.

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