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Friday Night Dinner Season 6: Will There Be Another Series?

Friday Night Dinner Season 6
Friday Night Dinner Cast

In this post, we are going to talk about Friday Night Dinner season 6 update and updates. As we know, the fifth season was released in 2018, and fans were pretty happy to see their show back. The show has been making people laugh since 2011, using the family-friendly humor. However, the main concern here is whether there will be a sixth season or not.

Unfortunately, there has been no announcement from Channel 4 about the renewal of the show, and they have not even canceled the show. So, we will have to wait for them to announce the news about the future of Friday Night Dinner. I personally believe that the show would get renewed, except the situation, where main cast members decide to leave.

The fifth season received a little bit lowered number of views, although it accounted for 1.5 million as an average and crossed 10 million marks in 2018. The numbers are pretty impressive even if they slightly dipped than before. Nonetheless, if the show would get renewed, when will it release? We will have to see the record of the show to predict the update of the next season.

Noticeably, from the second season, all the seasons have been released with a two-year gap. Also, the last three seasons have been released between May and July! Thus, we can presume that the sixth season might release anywhere between May to July of 2020. Furthermore, the number of episodes is also a point of concern.

But the number of episodes have been constant for the show for all the seasons, so we can expect the next season to have the same number of episodes, which is six! Take a look at the main cast of the show!

Adam Goodman as Simon Bird
Jonathan “Jonny” Goodman as Tom Rosenthal
Jackie Goodman as Tamsin Greig
Martin Goodman as Paul Ritter
Jim Bell as Mark Heap

Updated on April 19, 2019:

The previous season aka 5 had only had six episodes and the finale was a quite a shocking one. It ended with a death, Jim’s (Mark Heap) dog Wilson was killed off! This led to major resentment issues amongst the fans; to think why the pooch had been killed off just like that. But Jim also plans to get another canine, so we’re thinking that should happen in Season 6 maybe. While there should be no doubt to how devastated Jim felt and hey, the Goodmans felt sorry for him too. And because we love Jim, there was an online petition for a spin-off series centered on Jim and Wilson! So as of now Channel 4 is everything but willing to shed some light on their plans.

Friday Night Dinner, the comedy first aired on 2011 and it quickly became one of its coveted shows. It won awards for featuring the best comedy artists like Bird and Tom Rosenthal as brothers Adam and Jonny. Back in 2016, in an interview Bird revealed that Friday Night Dinner could continue till Season 9 if director and writer Robert Popper was willing. Whatever happens, let’s hope we get to know about it soon.

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