The Mermaid Prince Web Drama: Plot, Cast and Streaming Details

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The Mermaid Prince is a new mystery fantasy romance Korean web drama that started airing on Friday, April 24, 2020.

The drama is getting attention because K-pop boy group ASTRO’s member Moon Bin is in the lead role. Moon Bin will star opposite actress Jung Shin Hye who is famous for her work in the four seasons of popular we drama Love Playlist. The rest of the cast is comprised of up and coming actors.

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The Mermaid Prince Plot

The Mermaid Prince is about 24-year-old friends who go on a graduation trip and this is where they find love.

The mystery, fantasy, and romance drama are about Hye Ri (played by Jung Shin Hye) who goes with her friends Na Yeon (played by Kim Hong Bin) and Moon Seok (played by Baek Jae Min) on a trip to Yang Yang in Gangwon Province celebrate their graduation from college. There, our heroine Hye Ri drinks a lot in the daytime and wanders off to the beach for a breather. She sees a man walking towards the sea, and assumes he is going to commit suicide. The man is Woo Hyuk (played by Moon Bin) who Hye Ri hugs from behind and says that he can’t commit suicide. Confused and startled, Woo Hyuk turns around and grabs Hye Ri in her arms, as she gets unconscious because of her excessive day drinking. She wakes up in a guest house, which is owned by Woo Hyuk. She develops a crush on him as he’s very good looking and helpful, but has a cold personality.

The Mermaid Prince Cast

ASTRO’s Moon Bin has come out of hiatus for his acting role. Moon Bin has worked in K-dramas before, most popularly as a young So Yi Jung on Boys Over Flowers. We also saw him in 18 Moments last year.

Jung Shin Hye made her main role debut with Love Playlist season one as Jung Ji Won. She has appeared in many dramas since then, particularly all the four seasons of Love Playlist. She also appeared as Areum on Fight Hard, Love Harder: Season 2. Other cast members of the show include Kim Hong Bin, Baek Jae Min, and Park Tae In.

Where to Watch The Mermaid Prince?

The Mermaid Prince started airing on the Lifetime YouTube channel on Friday, April 24, 2020. Episodes with English subtitles will be released every Friday, 9 PM KST (Korea Standard Time). The drama is set for 6 episodes. The first episode is out with English subtitles already, which you can watch on the Lifetime YouTube channel.

You can watch the trailer of the show below:


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