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Suno Chanda 2: Top Of MTV’s Ramadan Programme

Hum TV made a Ramadan special announcement for fans of the TV show Suno Chanda. The network announced that the second installment of its popular series Suno Chanda would lead its Ramadan programming in both in the UK and Europe. Suno Chanda Season 1 came out last year and the first season was a smash hit. It became a runaway success last year, thus paving the way for Season 2.

Suno Chanda will return with the same cast, which includes Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed and Nadia Afghan amongst others. The teaser release for Season 2 was made earlier this week. Fans of the show were excited globally for the same. At the same time, we learned that Suno Chanda 2 would be the main in the series roaster of Hum TV in its Ramadan schedule. It has earned a primetime slot in the UK/Europe schedule.

Behind the scenes of Suno Chanda were doing rounds on the Internet before makers decided to drop Season 2 teaser of the same. In the teaser, you can see Ajiya (Iqra Aziz) celebrating her visa approval. Ajiya and Arsal (Farhan Saeed) are shown romancing each other on screen in different scenes.

The other highlights of Hum TV Ramadan include:
1. Islamic Lectures by Islamic Scholar, Maulana Tariq Jameel during Sehar, Iftar and early morning, at 7:00 am.
2. Sehri and Iftari Packages on each Ramadan day containing Azan, Al-Quran (Qura’nic Verses), Hadiths (Saying of Prophet), Naats.