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Bosch Season 7 Cast & All You Need To Know

Bosch Season 7 update
Bosch Season 7 Still

Earlier it was announced that Bosch season 6 will be the final and last season of the series. Based on the popularity and the request from the audience community the production has silently renewed for another season. The fans are already excited to see their favorite detective story once again on the big screen. We have updates related to Bosch Season 7 cast, trailer, and everything else which we will be sharing in this post.

Bosch is an American detective web television series starring Titus Welliver. The television series has completed six seasons, made its debut on February 6, 2014. City of Bones, Echo Park, and The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly stands firm as the inspiration for the long-running web series. The series has gained positive responses from the audience making it interesting to watch the detective finding the suspects using his analytical ability.

Bosch Season 7

Bosch Still

Who Will be The Cast In Bosch Season 7?

The cast for the seventh season is still not confirmed, however, one can guess, that the show will retain most of the cast from its previous season. The sixth season of Bosch has the following cast, and we will likely see the in Bosch Season 7.

  • Titus Welliver as Los Angeles Police Department Detective III
  • Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar
  • Amy Aquino as Grace Billets
  • Lance Reddick as Irvin Irving
  • Annie Wersching as Julia Brasher
  • Jason Gedrick as Raynard Waits
  • Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch
  • Sarah Clarke as Eleanor Wish
  • Brent Sexton as Carl Nash
  • Jeri Ryan as Veronica Allen
  • Steven Culp as Richard ‘Rick’ O’Shea
  • Gregory Scott Cummins as Moore
  • Troy Evans as Johnson (Barrel)
  • DaJuan Johnson as Rondell Pierce
  • Scott Klace as John Mankiewicz
  • Mimi Rogers as Honey
  • Paul Calderón as Santiago Robertson
  • Deji LaRay as Julius Edgewood
  • Jason Sims-Prewitt as Victor Rhodes
  • Joni Bovill as Ida

We will update this part as soon as the cast for the seventh season of Bosch is confirmed.

Following are the episodes available in Bosch season 6

  • Season 6 Episode 1 – The Overlook directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer written by Eric Overmyer & Tom Bernardo
  • Season 6 Episode 2 – Good People on Both Sides directed by Alex Zakrzewski written by Daniel Pyne
  • Season 6 Episode 3 – Three Widows directed by Patrick Cady written by Shaz Bennett
  • Season 6 Episode 4 – Part of the Deal directed by Michael McDonough written by Tom Bernardo
  • Season 6 Episode 5 – Money, Honey directed by Trey Batchelor written by Jeffrey Fiskin & Katie Pyne
  • Season 6 Episode 6 – The Ace Hotel directed by Zetna Fuentes written by Alex Meehan
  • Season 6 Episode 7 – Hard Feelings directed by Hagar Ben-Asher written by Jeffrey Fiskin
  • Season 6 Episode 8 – Copy Cat directed by Ernest Dickerson written by Eric Overmyer & Alex Meehan
  • Season 6 Episode 9 – Dark Sacred Night directed by Tara Nicole Weyr written by Daniel Pyne & Osokwe Vasquez
  • Season 6 Episode 10 – Some Measure of Justice directed by Ernest Dickerson written by Michael Connelly
Bosch Season 7

Bosch Season 7 Poster

When is Bosch Season 7 update?

Bosch Season 7 will be released sometime in April 2021. The production has recently renewed for the seventh season, and the information has been officially confirmed from the production. The crew has recently released the season 6 on April 16, 2020, after many requests from the fans.

The last season has managed to gain positive reviews from the audience. Regarding the update of the seventh season. We’ll update this part once the official announcement drops.

Bosch Season 7 Trailer

Bosch Season 6 recently came out, and as of now, the trailer for the seventh season is still not available. As soon as Bosch Season 7 trailer is out, we will update this post.