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Find Me in Your Memory Episodes 23 & 24: Preview, update & Streaming Details

Find Me in Your Memory K-drama information.

MBC’s Find Me in Your Memory has entered its second half and is doing quite well for itself. The show saw a slight increase in ratings this past week and the cast has received praise for their performances.

Find Me in Your Memory ended on an exciting note last week as we saw Ha Jin’s attention go towards a woman who called out her daughter Ha Na. This triggered a flashback and she remembered Seo Yun’s name.

In this article, I will recap the last episode as well as see what’s coming in the next one, along with streaming details and update for Find Me in Your Memory episodes 23 & 24.

Find Me in Your Memory Recap & Preview

In the previous episode, we see that Ha Jin finally returned to her house with Ha Kyung. Jung Hoon visited Director Ji at the prison and warned him to stay away from Ha Jin. He also threatened to put him behind bars if he didn’t stay away from her.

We also saw Ha Jin and Jung Hoon go on a date. Ha Jin bought boxes full of new clothes for Jung Hoon to wear. She did this because she wanted to deceive the public when they go out together. Jung Hoon reluctantly agreed to wear whatever she got for her.

Sweet moments followed as we saw Ha Jin and Jung Hoon walking in the park and holding hands together. Jung Hoon promised Ha Jin that he will not leave Ha Jina and they will not say goodbye to each other. Ha Jin agreed.

Later at night, Tae Eun asked to meet Jung Hoon to share the reason behind Ha Jin’s sadness regarding Seo Yun.

We then saw Ha Kyung visiting Ha Jin at a cafe. While Ha Kyung left the table to go for a coffee, Ha Jin heard someone call out the name “Ha Na”. It was a woman at the other table calling out to her daughter. This triggered a flashback in Ha Jin and she felt a sharp pain in her head. A name came up in her memory, Seo Yun. She then asked Ha Kyung about Seo Yun.

It is interesting that Ha Jin’s memories are starting to come back, and now she remembers the name Seo Yun. Viewers are excited to see where the story goes as Ha Jin recovers more of her memories back.

Find Me in Your Memory Episodes 23 & 24 Streaming Details

Episodes 23 and 24 of Find Me in Your Memory will release on Wednesday, April 28, 2020, on the local cable TV channel MBC at 21:00 KST (Korea Standard Time).

Viewers outside Korea can watch Find Me in Your Memory with English subtitles on Rakuten VikiViuKocowa, and OnDemandKorea