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Working Moms Season 5: When is It Releasing? Here is All You Need To Know

Workin' Moms Season 5 Cast, Plot and All You Need To Know
Workin' Moms Season 5: update

In this article, we will discuss everything related to Working Moms Season 5. The Canadian TV Drama was set is all set to return with 4th Season on May 6, 2020. And fans are already demanding information about season 5. So here is what we have gathered so far about the upcoming season of the Netflix show

Has it been Renewed for 5th Season?

Yes, The good news for all the shown enthusiasts of Workin’ Moms Season 5 is that the show has already been renewed for a 5th Season by CBC even before the release of its 4th Season. Cathrine Reitman broke the news on his Instagram about the Renewal of Working Moms Season 5. Though Netflix has not announced anything regarding whether they will distribute Working Mothers so from that part we might have to wait a bit more.

What is it about?

Starring Catherine Reitman, Jessalyn Wanlim, Dani Kind, and Juno Rinaldi Workin’ Moms Season 5reflects the story of working mothers who are in their late 30s trying to stabilize between their work, home, Kids and friends. The show has been well received by the fans for the past seasons and also has established decent ratings from the Critics. 

Working Moms Season 5 Renewed by CBC

Workin Moms Season-5 Renewed by CBC

The cast of Working Moms Season 5

Well, it is pretty early for us to reveal what will be cast of season 5 of Working Moms But if the show is received for the 5th season the main cast of the films is expected to remain the same.

Working Moms Season 5

Workin’ Moms

  • Catherine Reitman as Kate Foster
  • Dani Kind as Anne Carlson
  • Juno Rinaldi as Frankie Coyne
  • Jessalyn Wanlim as Jenny Matthews
  • Dennis Andres as Ian Matthews

How many episodes Working Moms Season 5 will feature?

It is quite difficult for us to reveal how many episodes Workin’ Moms Season 5 will feature even before the filming has begun. But in the first 3 seasons, the show featured 13 episodes Each and in 4th one, it featured 8 episodes, so in season 5 we think that the show will bring a fresh batch of 10 Episodes. We still have to wait for an official word on this.

Working Moms Season 5 update

Workin’ Moms Season 5 is expected to be released in February 2021. We have not received any update regarding the update of Workin’ Moms Season 5. But based on the updates of previous seasons we think season 5 of Workin’ Moms will come somewhere in January-February of 2021. The update might get delayed due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, so we will keep you updated as soon as we receive any official word on this.