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Spyxfamily anime series
Spy x Family

Spy × Family is an animated series that is based on a very successful Japanese manga series that holds the same name. It is a story of a spy who enters into a role of a family man to carry out his secret mission. The author of the manga series is Tatsuya Endo. Kazuhiro Furuhashi-directed TV series is already the talk of the town since its inception on 9th April 2022. It has released a total of 4 episodes so far. This series will be running for around 25 episodes on Netflix and other channels.

So what’s new about the series is that the preview of its fifth episode has been released already. It lets the fans guess what will be the next episode offering them. The official full Episode-5 will be released on 7th May 2022. Hence in this article, we will look at the preview Spy x Family episode 5 and figure out the possible events that follow up in the upcoming episode.

A quick recap of the story

Before we discuss the episode-5 preview, let’s have a quick recap of this series and know what all has been cooked to the present. Twilight is a master spy who is in disguise as Loid forger. He has married Yor and adopted a girl named Anya to create his forger family, only to spy on a politician Donovan Desmond. To fulfill his mission, he needs to keep an eye on him, for which he wants Anya to study in the same school where Donovan’s son studies as well.

spy x family episode 5 preview
Yor and Loid in spy x family


So far, the story has covered Twilight’s struggles to create a dummy family and prepare themselves for the preliminary interview, which is to be carried out before Anya’s admission to an elite school. Yor is a secret killer. She is also known as ‘Thorn Princess’. Anya can read minds and connect to the people around her using telepathy skills. And all the three characters are unaware of each other true identities.

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Episode 4: The Prestigious School’s Interview

Episode-4 was released on 30th April 2022. It was all about Loid, Yor, and Anya’s elegance test on the premises of Eden Academy, the prestigious school in the town of Ostania. This is where Anya has to get admission. Being a spy, Loid immediately understands that his family is continuously under surveillance by school authorities from the second they have entered the gates. He realizes that they are constantly being observed by the head of the school faculty, Housemaster Henry Henderson.


spy x family ep4 recap
Spy x family: a scene from episode-4

He is checking out the families for their elegance and standards of an elite family. Loid is immediately aware of his family and guides them to behave the way the authorities desire. Soon they can convince the leaders and faculty members and reach the actual interview, where they are grilled by Murdoch Swan, the housemaster. With this sweet and sour experience gained at the interview, the forgers return home. Despite making it to the end of the interview, they still are uncertain of their success. However, Anya assures Loid of a positive result.


spy x family episode 5
spy x family Anya (in the preview)

Episode-5 Preview

The ten-second preview of Episode-5 has been released online. Its title is ‘Will They Pass or Fail’. The title indicates that the upcoming episode will be revolving around the events related to the result of the interview process conducted in the previous episode. Even though Loid is uncertain about the positive outcome as he got furious over one of the faculty named Swan, Anya is hopeful from her side.

spy x family episode 5
Yor in one of the scenes in the preview

And why not? She is a gifted mind reader. She probably read the minds of the interviewees too. Maybe that is the reason she assures Loid to be positive. The preview displays Anya’s parents moving out of the school premises in worry. They then enjoy dinner together. There is an action scene but between whom? Wait! Is that a fight between Loid and Yor? Why are they fighting now? For the answers to this question, we must follow Episode-5.

For the die-hard fans of the series, this 10 seconds of preview is enough to let their mind horses run and imagine the upcoming story. Hoping to see Anya gets the admission and the story move forward, this was the cover-up on the episode 5 preview. 

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