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Dead by Daylight SwitchAnd New Killer Details Are Out

Dead by Daylight Switch update And New Killer

Dead by Daylight is an amazing game that has been developed by Behaviour Interactive and all these years it has made a lot of fans. It is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Now, the Switch users can also play this multiplayer horror game, and Behaviour Interactive has confirmed its update.

Dead by Daylight is making its third anniversary this month. The game has blown the minds of the critics, and it has been a huge success with over four million copies sold. After the release on PC, the game released on PS4 as well as on Xbox One in June 2017 and now it will finally be releasing for Nintendo Switch on 24 September 2019.

The Switch version of Dead by Daylight will include four additional chapters, and nine killers and ten survivors to choose from. It will also include three extra cosmetic packs. Moreover, a new killer will be adding to the game, which is yet another iconic killer from the Scream movie series. As the trailer of this killer is out and it is pretty awesome.

Well, he is dubbed “The Ghost” in the game, this killer wears a black hood and belted robe and the iconic ghost mask. As for the weapon, he carries a kitchen knife, and a mobile phone as well. Moreover, the animation of his “memento mori” has been leaked that allows the Ghost to kill a survivor while taking a selfie.