PazuDora Episode 67: Sream, update, And Details

Puzzle & Dragons or Pazudora aired on TV Tokyo in April 2018. The story of anime is set in the present day and revolves around a boy named Taiga Akaishi; his goal is to be #1 in the world of professional gaming. Pazudora also has a manga the premiered last year in Coro Coro Comics magazine in the month of February.

Fans will see Shinzo Fujita (Duel Masters Cross, Future Card Buddyfight Battsu, Zero Duel Masters) taking on the role of the head of the series scriptwriter a place left empty by Hajime Kamegaki.

Pazudora Episode 67 update
Pazudora Promo Still

Puzzle & Dragons X or Pazudora is an anime series which is based on the Nintendo 3DS game sharing the same name which was released only in Japan on July 2016. Studio giants like FUNimation and Crunchyroll both streamed the series as it aired in Japan. Pazudora season 2 aired on April 2017 and a manga adaptation of the game also launched in Coro Coro Comics on April 2016.

Pazudora episode 67 update is set for July 8th, 2019. Currently, the anime is expected to have 70 episodes for fans. PazuDora takes place in the present day alternate reality and features hot-blooded elementary schooler Taiga Akashi voiced by Tomari Asuna. Tetsuya Kakihara is to play Taiga’s partner character Dragon. Hajime Kamegaki, who directed PazuDora Cross, will lead PazuDora too. Production giant Studio Pierrot has undertaken this massive project.

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