YamiShibai Season 7 Episode 1: Release Date, Staff, And Details

Production giant ‘TV Tokyo’ on Tuesday announced what fans were hoping for a really long time and now Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is making a come back, and this would be the seventh season for this television anime series and is scheduled to air in July.

Mr.Kenichi Sugimoto of DRAWIZ is coming back to direct the original anime at ILCA. Alongside him, we will see famous scriptwriters like Ayako Yamaguchi, Kuniyoshi Saki, Hiromu Kumamoto, and Mitsuhi Sasagi. Their team also include animators like Tatsuya Morino, Yū Ebihara, Yukio Kanesada, Seiya Yamaguchi, Yoroshi Aka, Atsushi Itou, and Saya Kanamura. Fans should be excited to know IANDA and DRAWIS are credited for production assistance.

YamiShibai Season 7

The role of storyteller will be handled by Kanji Tsuda. The show’s other cast members include Ryota Murai, Ryō Shinoda, Nobuhiko Ōakami, Sena Horikoshi, Masaki Sawai, Rimo Hasegawa, Shunsaku Yoshimura, Ayaka Ōta, Hikaru Kotama, Yūki Nishinoya, Kumi Nakamura, Sae Izumi, Sachiko Nakagomi, Kazuo Andō, and Virtual YouTuber character Taku Nanase.

Season 1 of Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories premiered on July 2013, and the sixth and most current season premiered on July 2018. Presently Crunchyroll has streamed all six seasons which contain 13-episodes in each season.

YamiShibai 7 Episode 1 release date is set for July 07, 2019 and as a fan, I can tell you I am hyped. The original series of this anime shorts emphasized six-minute horror stories portraying on urban legends. The shorts are inspired by Showa-era illuminated paper theater productions. Production company Sentai Filmworks licensed the first two seasons of the series and released them on home video with English subtitles back in 2016, many sources confirm Sentai Filmworks is producing an English dub for the series.

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