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Black Clover Chapter 261 Spoilers, and Recap

Black Clover

Things are getting worse in the Clover Kingdom with Yami and Asta still in an intense battle with the devil. Dante was powerful for Asta and Yami they are struggling to take him down. Dante was using an advantage in this battle he keeps on regenerating no matter how he gets hurts. The BB captain along with their number one hero they have to come up with the plan to smash Dante. Let’s see what will Asta and Yami do in this situation.

Yami praises Asta who went down from earlier attack from Dante, they are both bleeding with torn clothes. After an intense battle, everyone is glad that Asta manages to take down the devil monster Dante. Yami is holding Asta and all members of BB squad have gathered around along with other magic Knight. Dante is lying down being defeated. Yami is heading towards Dante.

This month we are going to end it with the victory of the Magic Knight defeating Dante. We bid this month farewell by bringing you Black Clover Chapter 261 Spoilers, and a recap. With me hear I have the latest update of the upcoming chapter of this Manga. Before we get to the update take a look at the Manga release schedule below.

Black Clover Chapter 261 will be released on Sunday, 23 August 2020. This post may contain spoilers of the upcoming chapter, so make sure to be careful when you continue. You can skip the spoilers if you are not interested in them. A new chapter of Black Clover is released every Sunday. This Manga is taking a weekly break it will be back at the end of the month.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 260

Yami suggested that they must tie Dante before things change he then opens his grimoire. When he is about to seal Dante, the devil wakes up and holds Yami using his powers. Yami notices that he has messed up and he cannot move as he took time to seal Dante. That gives the devil the opportunity to recover suddenly the captain of the golden dawn appears.

Asta is ready with his sword to face Dante who is more powerful again and Dante manages to hurt the Captain of the golden dawn. Dante wants to use a spatial mage to get away with the captain. The Magic Knights want to stop him from leaving and Henry is engaging in a battle to save the captain.

Asta asked the devil to lend him power once more for him to take down Dante. The devil refuses to help Asta because his body is too weak. Asta cannot even stand properly and Vanessa tries to grab captain Yami from Dante’s trap but she failed to reach them. All the BB squad members are attacking to save the captain. Everyone is lying down watching captain Yami with Dante high up in the sky. Asta is shouting his captain’s name.

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