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Samsung One UI 2.0 New Features – Expected To Release Fall 2019

Samsung One UI

Samsung is hosting its 2019 Developer Conference in San Jose, California. At these conferences, Samsung tends to showcase its vision for the future. One UI 2 is an integral part of the future and Samsung didn’t shy away from announcing new features that will be coming to its devices.

One UI 2 is going to declutter the user interface by slimming down incoming pop-ups and UI elements like the volume HUD. Samsung is also trying to improve its one-hand usability approach even further by making all first-party apps display their interaction area in the bottom half of the screen.

Samsung One UI 2.0

Samsung is also improving on the Dark Mode and it comes with support for more apps and UX elements. Samsung is also keen to provide more hearing and visibility enhancements that will fit the user. There’s also a new high contrast keyboard. Some first-party apps like contacts and messages have received more vibrant colors so they are easier to notice.

There are changes on the audio side as well. An option is now available to amplify the surrounding ambient sound. Digital wellbeing has also been overhauled with added screen time management. There is also a focus mode that comes at the right time. One UI 2.0 is expected to be released towards the end of the year.