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Hellblade II Revealed At The Game Awards

Hellblade II
Hellblade II (Credits: Ninja Theory)

Hellblade was an amazing game that released for Xbox, PS4, and PC and was a hit when it was released. The critics praised the game for its storytelling which had a very story message in it, a beautiful environment, great puzzle, and solid gameplay. Critics showered it with praised and the audience too. The fans of the series wanted more from this franchise and there weren’t many details revealed about it until now.

During the game awards, Microsoft revealed their amazing console previously named Project Scarlett, now officially known as Xbox Series X. With it, they also revealed the next installment of Hellblade which is called Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. This game is developed by the same studio that made the first game which are known as Ninja Theory, the studio Microsoft acquired back in June 2018.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Hellblade II (Credits: Ninja Theory)

There was even a trailer revealed that showcased the graphical capabilities of Xbox Series X, running completely in the engine. In that trailer, we saw Senua chanting and people gathering around a symbol. The scene changes to a stormy beach were a group of warriors approaches than a lighting strike, which reveals a gigantic monster in front of them. The trailer further shows a close-up scene of Seanu and the trailer then ends.

The trailer was pure hype and I am super hyped for this game. The graphics of the game look breathtaking and characters looked so alive. There hasn’t anything things revealed about it but I think we might get some news on it on E3 2020. There were many announcements during The Game Awards, tell us which announcement made you guys the most excited in the comment section down below.