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ESPN+ Will Be Hiking Prices On UFC Pay-Per-View In 2020

ESPN+ and UFC have been in a deal for the last two years, and the partnership has been going unabated between the two. But, Espn+ has decided to hike pay per view prices for viewers in 2020. It can give gripe to some of the viewers. But the hikes will be not that much to worry about.

It’s true that prices will be hiked in 2020, as announced by the representatives of the company. But on the same hand, the hikes will be very minute that they’ll be worth paying. An Espn representative told that the price hike would only be a return to the previous prices when Espn was not a part of this. On a short note, this means that 2019’s price of $59.99 for an event will be hiked to $64.99.

The new prices will come into effect from Saturday, January 18, 2020, with UFC 246. The change in cost per view is only applicable for UFC; no other changes will be seen on standard rates. The UFC and ESPN deal has been set to run till 2025, and there are no official announcements about other price hikes.

Although there’s just a very minute hike in the pay per view price, ESPN+ will be offering a lot to the viewers, including Fight Nights and endless hours of other UFC programs. Also, ESPN+ has many other sporting events to watch other than UFC.

Those who don’t consider the ESPN+ app as an appropriate option they do have several options to watch UFC fights. UFC has still allowed selling its broadcast rights to sports bars and restaurants.