Class Action Park: Everything You Need To Know

A film on the infamous amusement park named Action Park is in works. This amusement park was once considered the most dangerous in America. In the trailer for the film, we get a taste of what it is going to be like and how it become the “Center of the Action”! This park has injured countless people and took the lives of six others.

Class Action Park update
Class Action Park

The reason why this park was this dangerous because its water slides and rides have resulted in serious injury; particularly serious head injury. There are some people that have died on rides with only weeks apart. The full documentary is made by Chris Charles Scott and Seth Porges both are the Director as well as the Producer

Class Action Park update

It does not have a update yet, but the site for the film says that it’s coming soon. I think it will most likely be released in mid of 2020. There have been many terrifying incidents in this park all of which will be covered in this documentary. Some of them are explained on the film’s website like people cut their teeth as well and their skin on the park’s treacherous attractions. Truly a horrific thing and this is just a bit of it as the trailer explains more things about it which is available on YouTube.