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PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Coming To PC

Horizon: Zero Dawn PC: All We Know So Far
Horizon: Zero Dawn PC

Horizon Zero Dawn is going to hit the PC this year according to the reports of Kotaku, which told us about Sony’s plans. A PC port is still not confirmed for Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Sony had to highly alter their strategy to bring Horizon: Zero Dawn to PC.

Many comprises had to be made to bring the game on PC like relinquishing control over Fortnite player accounts to enable cross-platform play. Players could also access some exclusive titles such as The Last Of Us without having a PS4 or PS3.

Details about the game Horizon: Zero Dawn

The game has a dynamic dialogue system, and there is also a consistency in narration. Each mission comes with different dialogue. With the addition of DLCs such as Frozen Wilds, the game has become very impressive. It is more like a separate series and side quest that can be played whenever we want.

The game also focuses on the history of the world and the relationships of man with the Sylvan. The DLCs and main games are interrelated, and no trickery has been used with the dialogues. This helps in the uninterrupted narrative experience.

The game has similar features as other games in the genre. It features an open-world gaming experience with towers scattered all over the map, skill tree, crafting systems. It comes with exciting features like Detective Vision. The game overall creates a super cohesive experience.

The players can connect very well when the character as Aloy doesn’t know about the world as well, just like the players. Bring an outcast her whole life. She belonged to a tribe that doesn’t allow people to move out of the territory.

Some other wonderful noticeable things in the games include the music which serves the purpose of aesthetic pleasure and immerses the players in the world of the game. The most popular music is Aloy’s theme.

When is Horizon: Zero Dawn update?

Thefor Horizon: Zero Dawn PC is still not confirmed. But it will be coming in Fall 2020.