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Hatena☆Illusion Episode 3: Streaming, Airing Date and update

Hatena Illusion episode 3
Hatena Illusion LN

We are going to be talking about Hatena☆Illusion Episode 3 streaming, airing date, and update. The previous episode was the 2nd episode of Hatena☆Illusion. The previous episode was aired on the last week of the 16th of January 2020 and will be airing on the 23rd of January.

When is Hatena☆Illusion Episode 3 update?

The Anime Hatena☆Illusion is produced by studio Children Playground Entertainment. The anime is based on the light novel with the same title, Hatena☆Illusion. It comes in the genre of Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, and Supernatural. The light novel was written by Tomohiro Matsu with the illustrations of Kentaro Yabuki. Hatena☆Illusion releases its new episodes every Thursday, 10:00 PM JST. Hatena☆Illusion runs for 24 minutes.

Where to watch Hatena☆Illusion Episode 3 Online?

You will be able to stream Hatena☆Illusion on the official site, which we have got you covered. You can stream Hatena☆Illusion on Funimation and Animelab.

The anime Hatena☆Illusion can be watched at the various unofficial streaming platforms, but we do recommend you to stream on the official sites. This will support the creators of the show.

Hatena☆Illusion Trailer

What is Hatena☆Illusion about?

The anime Hatena☆Illusion centers a boy name Makoto Shiranui who dreams of becoming a magician. He arrives in Tokyo to become a student of the world-famous illusionist Mamoru Hoshisato, who is also a friend of his family. At the station, he was robbed, and when he arrives at his teacher’s mansion, he finds out that Kana, the daughter of his future teacher, have changed a lot. And now they do not get along very well.