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New Shooting Location Revealed For The Witcher Netflix Series

Witcher Netflix series shooting is currently underway, and because of the director, fans know one other location where the shooting will be taking place. It was revealed that the shooting for the series is the first talking place in Hungary and some of the shooting has been taken to Eastern Europe for quite some time now. The new location for the shooting of the series is moved to west and southward.

The new shooting location was confirmed by Charlotte Brändström, who is a Director for the Witcher Netflix series. Brändström said to the fans that series would be taking place in the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of West Africa. Moreover, Brändström shared a photo on Instagram which had the caption “Location scouting for The Witcher.” The photo was taken at La Palma, an island at the north-western end of the Canary.

It is not clear in which region of La Palma could be used for The Witcher. One possibility is Skellige because it is also an archipelago but the climate there is too warm, and if the shooting takes place inland then it could represent Cintra or southern Nilfgaard. There is a chance that it could be Zerrikania and it could be sensible because the location and climate are the same in the Novel. But the Witcher Novel doesn’t feature far off regions, but there are two Zerrikanians who could well appear which are Téa and Vé. These two are the bodyguard of Villentretenmerth who is confirmed to be in the series.

Witcher Netflix might give fans backstory on the golden dragon backstory before his arrival in the North. The update of the show is still a mystery and fans are desperately waiting for it, we might find the answer later in 2019.

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