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Dragon Raja Coming Soon on Mobile Phones Gameplay, and Platforms

Dragon Raja

In this post, we are going to talk about Dragon Raja platforms, and more details. The game has been long awaited since it was proposes that the game is coming for mobile devices. As we know, currently, the mobile gaming community is growing and there are millions of mobile gamers actively playing worldwide. Therefore, it is justified that several bigger titles are eyeing to take advantage of such a big market.

We have seen PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds starting the trend of switching to mobile, and then the scenario has changed whatsover. We saw Fortnite, Call of Duty, and several other big titles coming to mobile, and are listening to even more titles coming to the smaller screens such as League of Legends and Dragon Raja itself. So, it would be interesting to see how do they perform in this new base of gamers. Now, let’s get started with more details about Dragon Raja.

Dragon Raja update

The game has been on a hiatus and the fans were constantly waiting for a update. Finally, a global update has been announced. Dragon Raja is supposed to debut on mobile devices on 27 February 2020, which is not too far! Thus, fans are excited to play the MMORPG game, and experience the new gameplay, graphics, and characters. Here is the Tweet which includes everything you need to know:

Dragon Raja Gameplay

As far as the gameplay is concerned, we have got an official trailer of the game which will explain pretty much everything announced as of now. Check out the trailer:

Currently, the graphics look like the best in the class, and we are going to experience it in a week. The game will be focused on survival of humans when dragons return to earth to regain their control over the only known livable planet. Hence, the army of hybrid warriors will be pushed ahead to fight those monsters and save the mankind. It will be an online multiplayer game where players will be able to compete, and more details will be revealed when it will be released officially.

Dragon Raja Platforms

The game will be coming out for iOS and Android platforms as per the announcement, and all the fans are curious to know how well will it perform.

Dragon Raja comes out on 27th February to mobile phones!