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One Piece 935 Raw ScansAnd Predictions

One Piece 935 Raw

Hey everyone! Today, we’ll be talking about One Piece 935, and I know you guys have been waiting for it since a long time now. One Piece was on a break last week because Oda completed his four chapter cycle. If you’ve been following his schedule lately, you probably know that there’s usually a break after every four chapters.

This break spans for over a week extra, so that makes it two weeks. One Piece 935 has a lot of fans very excited, because of the events that happened at the end of chapter 935. As we all know, Queen the Plague got to the Mine Prison at the end of the previous chapter, and now, the hype is through the roof.

One Piece 935 update

Queen The Plague Of Beasts Pirates

Luffy’s already broken a few rules there, and I’m guessing that he’ll be tortured for breaking the laws. This is where I think we may see Raizo step in and defend Luffy, who himself is weakened.

Meanwhile, Big Mom will likely continue her path to the Mine Prison where she expects to eat lots of Oshiruko. I think something related to her memories might happen there, and we may see Big Mom transform into the woman she was before this encounter.

This spells trouble for Luffy, Chopper and the others, but I think at the end of it all, we may see an alliance being formed, provided if Chopper recognizes her disease, and promises to cure her. Meanwhile, Queen may be seen fighting against Big Mom, and I’m sure that Big Mom will struggle at first because she cannot use her powers.

However, when she gets her memories back, she will destroy Queen in one-shot. We may also see the Big Mom Pirates trying to enter Wano Country, but I doubt that will happen until Charlotte Katakuri comes to form Whole Cake Island to take on King.

One Piece Chapter 935 drops on 11 March 2019. The scans will likely be out on March 08, 2019.