One Piece 935 Delayed: New And Spoilers

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One Piece 935

One Piece 934 dropped last month, and it was possibly one of the most informed packed chapters that we got in Wano Country so far. I’ve really enjoyed that arc so far, and I want more of the same from the upcoming chapters as well. We finally got to see what the Big Mom Pirates were up to.

As we know, the group that didn’t do much at Whole Cake Island have traveled to Wano Country with Big Mom, and they’re in a pinch without their Captain. They are already speculating that Big Mom might end up getting killed and if that’s the case, then either Perospero or Charlotte Katakuri will be the new Captain of the crew.

That much was pretty obvious right from the start. At the same time, we then move forward to Big Mom’s group which is now moving towards the Mine Prison. They want to free Luffy from there and are trying their best to get there as fast as possible.

At the same time, Robin, Nami, Brook, Kanjuro, and Shinobu are at Ringo. This place is where their next plan will be decided. We then move to Flower Capital, and everyone was crying upon hearing Komurasaki’s death news.

At Ebisu Town, Sanji is already crying too, and it seems Page One has been defeated. Eustass Kid has escaped Prison, while Luffy is fighting inside and Queen decides to show up there.

Coming to the spoilers, One of Kaido’s commander, Queen’s bounty is a solid 1.32 billion Berris. The bounty has nothing to do with strength, as Queen is still weaker than Luffy and an equal to Smoothie. Queen orders the guards of Mine Prison to track down Kid and stop the riot that Luffy is causing.

Meanwhile, Raizo manages to steal the keys to Luffy’s cuffs and is on his way to deliver those to Luffy. Raizo runs into Kawamatsu who asks if Momonosuke is alive. More is coming our way, stay tuned.

One Piece Chapter 935 will be out officially on Monday, March 11, 2019. The scans will be out a couple of days or so earlier on March 8, 2019.

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