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Ghostbusters 3 Cast, an New Delayed update

Ghostbusters 3

Finally, after a long wait, the hiatus is going to be over, and fans of the Ghostbusters series will be happy as the third installment in the series is about to come pretty soon. The last one is the series released way back in the 80s, and after a very long time, the crew will be back for the third part. According to the latest reports, this time, director Ivan Reitman won’t be returning to direct Ghostbusters 3 rather, he will play the role of a producer, and this time, the man in charge of the direction will be Ivan Reitman’s son himself, Ivan Reitman. So here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Ghostbusters 3.

In a recent interview, Ivan Reitman said it was like “passing of the torch” to his son to continue his legacy. He also said that he has always dreamed of making the movie for the fans, and he emphasized that the upcoming installment won’t be a reboot; rather, it will be the next chapter in the series. He added that Ghostbusters 3 would be set in the present age, and it has nothing to do with the 80s.

Ghostbusters 3 Plot:

Reitman said that there would be new characters and ‘wonderful,’ surprises waiting for the fans. He also added that the actress from 2016’s reboot movie would not be a part of it, and it will follow the original series. However, this decision didn’t go too well with the actress, Leslie Jones, who seemed extremely upset with it and felt ‘insulted.’

The story revolves around a family who shifted to a small town in Oklahoma after inheriting some property. As they reach the old farm, they come to know about their relationship with the original Ghostbusters. Trevor and Phoebe are shown to discover who their grandfather actually is and whether they were ready to pick up the proton pack themselves.

The setting of the story has been done like the original classic in 1984. Director Jason has described it as an adventure that connects back to the Manhattan Crossrip of 1984. The original show was directed by Jason’s father, Ivan Reitman. He will return to Ghostbusters: Afterlife as a producer.

Ghostbusters 3 Cast:

The official cast for the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 is yet to be revealed; however, according to reports, the possible members might be:

  • Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman
  • Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Ray Stantz
  • Ray Stantz as Winston Zeddemore
  • Children will be a part as well. Reports say two boys and two girls will appear in the movie.

Update April 2020

As we all know, the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has made us sit inside our house, delaying all major events and movie releases. Well, something similar happened to all upcoming Sony movie releases. It’s, at last, was affirmed that we’d be getting another Ghostbusters film set in the first universe that we should call Ghostbusters 3.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife, otherwise known as Ghostbusters 3, was one of the hyped films of 2020. Jason Reitman, the child of unique chief Ivan Reitman, will coordinate the film that he has co-composed with Monster House and Poltergeist change author Gil Kenan. Ivan will deliver the film, and he depicted it to EW as a “going off the light.”

Ghostbusters 3 update:

Ghostbusters 3 will be released on March 05, 2021. Ghostbusters 3, aka Ghostbusters: Afterlife was scheduled to be released on July 10, 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sony Pictures wisely delayed the film… into 2021.