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Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: When is the update releasing”?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6
Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Call of Duty Mobile fans have been waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the much-hyped Season 6, and official notes suggest that season 6 will be one amazing season, something which fans will enjoy to a great extent. A lot of rumors and details surrounding the newest patch notes are circulating the internet, and to save your time and effort, we have walked the extra mile to gather all the latest updates and information regarding the newest season, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 6.

The hype is real, and with each passing day, the fans are getting restless, however, the official patch notes have been revealed, and finally, the wait is over as the newest update has been rolled out for the respective platforms, so use all those saved data to download the if you haven’t already.

Season 5 was very successful, and fans had a great time competing in different challenges with all sorts of gear, and needless to say, the expectations for season 6 is pretty high, and form what it appears as of now, season 6 won’t be disappointing the fans, as new challenges await you to complete them and unlock cool new rewards.

What are the new Improvements and Rewards in Call of Duty Mobile Season 6?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 New Map

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 New Map: Rust

The important patch notes include:

  • Kill Confirmed Mode: A new 5v5 battle mode where the teams need to collect the opponent teams’ dog tags in order to win.
  • Capture the Flag Mode: Two teams will collide and in order to win, a team must loot its opponents’ gold, while defending its own at the same time.
  • 1vs1 Duel Mode: A Saloon map exclusive where one player will face another, and to win, one must take out another.
  • Rust Map: First introduced in Call of Duty PC, this small and interesting map finally makes its way to mobile.
  • Saloon Map: A new small-sized wild west theme map focussing mainly on 1vs1 battles.
  • New operator skill: Annihilator will be the newest operator skill included with the which comes with an aim-assist feature helping players to kill opponents with only one shot.
  • New Event UI Design.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements in battle royale maps.
    Helicopter Flare added.
  • New Battle Royale Class: Poltergeist (will be releasing soon).
Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

With season 6, comes the new battle royale pass and its new rewards. The premium royale pass rewards include:

  • Saddle up with Ghost – Cowboy and Seraph – Desperada
  • New Heat Stroke weapons: The new Outlaw sniper rifle makes its arrival

The free battle royale pass rewards include:

  • Base Outlaw sniper rifle
  • New Operator Skill: Annihilator

When is Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 update?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 was released in May 2020. Download the latest if you haven’t already.