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Ultraman Season 2 Release & Cast: A Brand New Netflix Series

Ultraman Season 2 Plot, Cast and All You Need To Know
Ultraman Season 2: update

In this article, we will discuss all the updates associated with Ultraman Season 2. The Japanese tokusatsu (Japanese for live-action animated science fiction television series)first aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) from July 17, 1966. Later Netflix decided to revive the series with their very own take on Ultraman many years after the events of the original show. Netflix’s version of the show is based on ‘Ultraman’ manga by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. The First season of Ultraman was premiered on April 1, 2019. And it has been more than one year and the show enthusiasts of Ultraman demands updates regarding the Season 2 update. To save your trouble we have gathered all the recent updates for you. So, here is all you need to know.

Ultraman Season 2: update

The Firsts season of Ultraman was released back in 2019 and it was a huge hit then. The Creators of the show already announced at that time that the show will surely return with its much-awaited season 2 soon. As of now, we did not hear any official word on the update of Ultraman Season 2. But it is expected to release sometime in early 2021. Recently the official Instagram handle of the show posted a picture of Ultraman and asked fans if they are ready for its much anticipated Season 2?. The previous season of Ultraman is available for streaming on Netflix.

Ultraman Season 2: Plot

Netflix’s Ultraman follows the emergence of new Ultraman. He is the son of the first Ultraman. His father now has become a legend who once fought against the Aliens to save planet earth. Most of the people believe that the giant has returned to his home planet. But Shinjiro the son of the first Ultraman gets to know that he posses the same power as his father so he decided to follow his father’s footprints. Now as the aliens from other planets visits Earth now Shinjiro has to use his abilities and skills to save the planet. Although he is a Superhero soon he gradually learns that being a hero in the present world is not so easy. And soon he also gets to know that he is not the only superhero in the whole world. So soon he puts together a team with the other heroes to fight the new group of aliens and save the day for the people on earth.

Ultraman Season 2

Ultraman Season 2

The first season of the Ultraman was mostly revolved around the tales of his father and following his father’s footsteps of becoming the Ultraman. The second season will most likely begin from where the first season was concluded. In the second season, we will witness further character development of Shinjiro and it will be expected to bring some new challenges for Shinjiro as there will also be new villains to wreak destruction.

Ultraman Season 2: Cast and Characters

Shinjiro Hayata is the main and most important character of the show he is the son of the first Ultraman and inherits his Father’s abilities and skills and thought of following his father’s footsteps by becoming the new Ultraman. But in reality, he is shy and an introvert with a heart of gold.

Ultraman Season 2: Trailer

Regrettably, we do not have a trailer of Ultraman season 2 yet. So, while we wait for the trailer of season 2. You can refer to the Ultraman Season 1 trailer to gain some insights about the show.