Taka Himeno’s New Manga Sōzō Renkinjutsushi Wa Jiyū o Ōka Suru

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Taka Himeno is wildly popular in the anime industry for creating a variety of excellent manga series that has also been adapted into various anime creations. One of these is Steins; Gate which has rocked the heart of all the fans. It was just last month that an announcement came through about the creator releasing a new manga. This will be uploaded on the Young Ace Up manga website by Kadokawa. The title of this new story is Sozo Renkinjutsushi wa Jiyu o Oka Suru. As of right now, some new information has released regarding this manga. It says that the Young Ace Up platform will come up with this new manga just this month. All you guys will be surprised to know the full title of this manga because it is way too long.

The full title of this forthcoming tale is Sōzō Renkinjutsushi wa Jiyū o Ōka Suru: Furusato o Tsuihō Saretara, Maō no Hizamoto de Chōzetsu Kōka no Magic Item Tsukuri Hōdai ni Narimashita which when translated to English, goes like The Creator Alchemist Extols the Virtues of Freedom: When They Were Chased Out of Their Hometown, They Swore Fealty to the Demon Lord and Created Powerful Magic Items Non-Stop. For further details, you guys should know that this series is an adaptation of the story by Sakaki Chizuki that goes by the same title. Now, we are well aware of the excitement level that has been surrounding this new manga series. Thus, here we have wrapped up all the necessary details which you might need to know before jumping straight into the show.

Taka Himeno’s new manga Sōzō Renkinjutsushi wa Jiyū o Ōka Suru
Steins;Gate by Taka Himeno

Sōzō Renkinjutsushi wa Jiyū o Ōka Suru – Plot

First of all, let us discuss the plot of this new manga series. Sōzō Renkinjutsushi wa Jiyū o Ōka Suru will lay its sole focus on Tohru, our lead protagonist. He is a bureaucrat by profession who has never been appreciated once in the entire tenure of his alchemy career. He has been an excellent worker but no one appreciates the skills which he has. Although, his fate is soon to take a huge turn when he gets expelled from the domain of the demon lord. It will be seen that Tohru has the powers to create wonderful magical items with the talent in alchemy that he has. He turns the whole kingdom along with his fate and makes the people realize his true worth. Also, Tohru happens to have a beautiful woman by her side with his adventure as an alchemist. It has been seen that Chizuki had already started the process of serializing the story on the website of Shosetsuka ni Naro back in July of 2020. The tale is still being continued here. On the other hand, Kadokawa has published the first print volume of this story back on the 8th of May 2020 while its illustrations were done by Kabocha.

Now, let us discuss the creator and contributor of a variety of anime series that have touched our hearts. Taka Himeno has worked on a lot of wonderful projects and one such is Steins; Gate. This story is all about Rinkaro Okabe who lives in Akihabara in Tokyo. He is a mad scientist and runs the Future Gadget Laboratory. He has major support from his friends who live in an apartment together. One day, his life takes a major turn when he was attending a conference about time travel and stumbles across a dead body. This corpse happens to be of Kurisu Makise who was a neuroscience researcher by profession. This is why he immediately sends a message to Daru about it but later finds out that Kurisu is actually alive. This message came to him before he could even send out the details of Kurisu’s death. This is a science and fiction-based anime that dwells on crazy creations. We guess that the vibe which we get from Steins; Gate might also be indulged in Sōzō Renkinjutsushi was Jiyū o Ōka Suru because the two are majorly about a “scientist/alchemist” and have creations which later become so acknowledged among the people that an instant dose of fame was inevitable. We obviously are pretty excited about this new manga series which will be available to us soon.

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